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President : Vinodbhai Ghadiali | Vice President : Shantibhai Thanki
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Our Vision

The Oadby & Wigston Hindu Community (OWHC) was formed at a public meeting, with support from residents of the Borough on 8 March 2009. The organisation will aim to provide facilities and services to meet and further the spiritual, religious, social, educational, cultural and welfare needs of the large Hindu community for all ages living in and around Oadby & Wigston.

Why the need to form this organisation?

We estimate that there are in excess of 10,000 Hindus now living in the Borough of Oadby & Wigston and this number is growing. Regrettably, notwithstanding that we are by far the largest ethnic population in the Borough, there isn’t a single place within the Borough to act as a focal point where the Hindu Community could visit to fulfil their various needs listed above. Currently we have to travel outside of the Borough in order to worship at a temple or participate in religious and cultural festivals such as Diwali, Navratri and Holi.

Who are we and how was this organisation formed?

A group of Hindu residents of Oadby & Wigston first met in early 2009 and followed this up by calling a public meeting in March 2009 to discuss the lack of facilities in the Borough to meet the needs of the Hindu Community. The attendees at the meeting unanimously agreed that there was an urgent need to establish a community organisation to represent the Hindu Community of Oadby & Wigston, and proceeded to set up a Working Committee, which consists of committed individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, working purely on a voluntary basis.

Our Aim

Our immediate aim is to further the provision of religious, cultural and community activities for the Hindu community living in and around Oadby & Wigston. Our medium and long-term aim is to secure a dedicated temple and community centre to form a focal point from which to deliver the needs of the Hindu community of Oadby & Wigston.

Our Constitution

The first Constitution of OWHC was approved and adopted on 10th February 2010 by the then Management Committee and presented at the first AGM. Thereafter, following a review period for members, the Constitution was revised and approved at the second AGM of 21 May 2011. The current constitution is available to view from the following link (pdf file)

How you can help?

Register your support and interest by clicking the register link and entering your contact details. This will help us to communicate with you about our future activities and meetings.

Please make your friends and families living in and around Oadby & Wigston aware of our organisation and encourage them to register their contact details with us.

Forward to us details of all clubs, groups and voluntary organisations operating within Oadby & Wigston so we can include them in our emailing list.

Let us know details of any events, entertainment or programmes you could take part in or offer to our community.

We will hold functions and meetings in the near future. Full details of all events will be sent to everyone on our emailing list and also posted on our website. Please support us by taking part in and attending our functions and meetings.

(Please note that all data will be used only for the purpose of informing you of our future activities and public meetings and will not be disclosed or supplied to any third party)